Parsons Publishing Company was begun by Joel W. Finck to publish and disseminate books he has authored.

In 1978, Pastor Finck learned of the mystery revealed to the apostle Paul for the Gentiles. Since that time, he has spent his career preaching, teaching, and writing about the Word, rightly divided.

In the early 1980′s Joel was challenged by Evangelist, S. Lee Homoki of Bible Doctrines to Live By, Inc. (Grand Rapids, MI) to put his teaching into print. Joel’s first major book was THE MYSTERY, a clear presentation of the gospel of the grace of God. This book has enjoyed several printings and is still being used world wide to disseminate the important subject of the dispensation of the grace of God.

Since then, many other “grace” books and booklets have been authored by Joel and are available through Parsons Publishing Company, 30448 427th Ave, Tabor, SD 57063.